Cairn of Gavrinis & Petit Mont


Located on the island of Gavrinis in the heart of the Gulf of Morbihan

The monument of Gavrinis is a dolmen under cairn (i.e. covered with dry stones arranged in steps) built around 3600-3700 BC. Its dolmen is composed of 29 pillars, 23 of which are magnificently decorated with symbols typical of the Armorican corpus which make it a unique monument. Reservations are recommended for all periods.

Cale de Penn Lannic 56870 LARMOR BADEN


Around 5000 BC, the promontory of the Petit Mont dominated, as it does today, the ocean, “le Mor Braz” to the south.

The immense mass of dry stones arranged in successive steps which constitutes the Cairn was not built at once, but is the result of a long architectural process which took place over two thousand years. A visit of 45 minutes will allow you to discover inside the dolmens, inscribed in the stone, typical engravings of the Armorican register, axe, serpentiform, herringbone escutcheon, and outside an exceptional point of view on the bay of Quiberon in the south and on the Gulf of Morbihan in the north.

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