The Gulf of Morbihan

Located on the Atlantic coast of Armorica,

The Gulf of Morbihan

(“little sea” in Breton) gave its name to the department.

It is indeed a small inland sea, closed by the peninsula of Rhuys, which covers some 100 km2 (21 km long and 5 km wide).

A narrow passage, where the currents are violent, allows the communication with the ocean. There are 300 islands of which about thirty are inhabited. Two of them form a commune: Arz and l’Île-aux-Moines. Its mild, sunny climate and the beauty of its indented coastline make the Gulf of Morbihan a renowned tourist destination that attracts more and more visitors each year.

Wonderful walks are to be made

By the paths of the Tour du Golfe,

For the beauty of the landscapes and the exceptional light that bathes them all day long and all year long.

Numerous coastal paths and country roads offer the opportunity to visit the Gulf and observe the seascapes, fauna and flora. The trails also invite you to appreciate the rich historical heritage of the Gulf and its islands.

The Gulf is also delicious oysters! Taste them in one of the many restaurants of the Gulf during your stay, or during a visit to the oyster farms!