Camping near Erdeven

Between the peninsula of Quiberon and the magnificent Ria d’Etel, our campsite near Erdeven, a charming seaside resort particularly famous for its long sandy beaches, its golden dunes and its megaliths.

Erdeven, beaches and dunes near the campsite

At the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, Erdeven presents eight kilometers of coastline. The dunes, preserved in a wild state, constitute a large protected area offering a superb setting. The site is ideal for those who like to relax on beaches with beautiful golden sand. Some are family-oriented, others are more sporty,

Between the Ria d’Etel and the Gulf of Morbihan, between the sea and the countryside, Erdeven is rich in prehistoric and historical heritage: alignments of menhirs, dolmens, castles, neighboring traditional houses and chapels with their fountains. The marked hiking trails will lead you to discover these charming places.

The six kilometers of beach are bordered by a dune preserved in a wild state where the euphorbia and the asphodel bloom. The ocean offers the pleasures of the sea, from swimming to diving, from sailing to surfing. Our campsite near Ederven is the ideal starting point to discover the Morbihan.